Jennifer Gibson Was Just Too Nice

jennifer-gilbert.jpgThe Real Housewives of New York City is a popular reality television show. It is the first spin-off of a similar show that showcases housewives living in Orange County, California. On the third season of the New York City show, a new housewife was added to the cast. Jennifer Gilbert was introduced as an event planner who was in charge of putting together a party for one of the original housewives. Just months later, the gossip headlines were all about how reality tv ditches Jennifer Gilbert.

The reality show features women who are either socially prominent or businesswomen. Some are married, while others are divorced or engaged. They run in the same social circles, and there is some animosity between some of them.

Sales Numbers of Celebrity Written Books

Becoming a celebrity has a lot of perks associated with it. The star value associated with celebrities can be used for the benefit of the society, for themselves or for any other cause that is close to their hearts. Jennifer Gilbert is one such celebrity known for her stint on the reality show, “the Real Housewives of New York”. She ventured out to cash in on her fame with a ‘tell it all’ book about the interesting tidbits of her life. This Jennifer Gilbert book receives negative reviews on Amazon and this may lead to dismal sales numbers on its part. But, this need not be the case always. In some cases, bad publicity is known to pay huge rewards. In this case also, Jennifer Gilbert can make money out of the deal or lose it.

As a good portion of the American people is known to buy their books from Amazon, the reviews at the site can seriously affect the sales numbers of any new books.

She Just Didn’t Make the Cut

Real housewives of New York is a popular show on prime time television with many seasons, and even a reunion special. There is no doubt that jennifer gilbert talks trash, but can she actually live up to the hype of the television show promises? The show is full of drama, so it is important that every housewife needs to mouth off to be heard. Sadly, Jennifer Gilbert was cut from the show before she even had a chance to shine. The exact reasoning for the cut was not mentioned, however it is somewhat implied. She was not as cutthroat as other cast members, so it was impossible to get her a star appearance.

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