The Perfect Place for Me

When I went to Vegas with my friends a few years ago, I fell in love with the area. It had nothing to do with the casinos either, though that was a nice bonus! I just really liked everything about the area, from the weather to the sites, and I knew that I would move there in a heartbeat if an opportunity ever came up. When I heard about a job in the same industry there, I applied and was hired for it. Someone there suggested I live in Alicante Villa since it is so close to where I would be working, so I went online to get some information about it. Continue reading

Do You Prefer a Bigger or Smaller Bottom?

Some women want body parts to be bigger while others want them smaller. Idealized size proportions have a lot to do with culture where a person lives. In America, it is common for females to desire larger bottoms. Pop culture in America, especially due to the influence of some female contemporary entertainers with larger bottoms, is driving the desire toward increases in bottom sizes. On the other hand, the opposite is preferred by women in Singapore. Bottom Slim, a company in Singapore offers services to reduce the size of thighs and bottoms.

Women in Singapore indicate a desire to have the bottom half of their bodies in proportion to the upper portions. The big desire is to have a bottom and thighs not being larger than the breast size. Continue reading

The Power of Perfect Teeth

I don’t blame dentists for my problems. I try not to, anyways, but they’re just so good at what they do that the ease to have the best of the best white smiles means that the pressure to have one from your peers is a very real thing. I’ve never had a perfect smile – I should have had braces when I was a kid but my mom felt that it would be more attractive for me to go all natural. Sure, mom, I love you too but is that why I’m here right now looking at to schedule an appointment?

I don’t blame my mom, either. My smile is hardly the most terrible thing but there is just enough crookedness that has been left behind that I find myself annoyed. I dislike the idea of being like everyone else but in our culture there is an expectation to have a great, perfect smile. It’s stressful, you know. To be perfect. Continue reading