Getting the Tummy Tuck Was a Priority on My List of Things to Do

I had lost a lot of weight and had some flab at my belly. The rest of me shrunk up and tightened up pretty good. However, I had that paunch at my belly button that I wanted to turn back into smooth skin. That is tough to do naturally after having a couple of kids. I decided that I would look at the official website for abdominoplasty doctors to find one I thought was suitable for me. I did not want this to get messed up in any way, shape or form, especially when it literally comes to my actual shape!

I did not want any noticeable scarring. I also wanted smooth skin with no wrinkles or stretch marks. Yes, I wanted my teenage belly back. I did not even know if it was possible, but I was sure going to give it my best shot. I had that short period of plumping up when the kids were toddlers. I ate too much and moved too little. Continue reading