I Did What Was Necessary to Make Me Happier

I can remember not being very happy with a variety of my body parts at a very early age. And it was when I grew older that I realized that I did not have to stay unhappy because I was in control and make changes. For example, after talking to some girlfriends about a body odor that I have “down below,” they all told me about something called Crystal X that helps you to get rid of that rather quickly. It was a momentous occasion to realize that you can change just about anything that you do not like about yourself. Since then, I have made sure that I do what I can to make things more of my liking because it frees my mind to think of other things instead.

When I first bought Crystal X, I only had what my friends told me to go on when I bought it. It comes in a small container and you simply roll it on and it helps to neutralize odor. My friends were spot on about it working. I was really pleased with my purchase, and I still use the product 5 years later with great success.

I have learned that taking care of yourself keeps you from ruminating about things too much. People sometimes tell others not to spend time thinking about things that you cannot change. But I find that advice to be incorrect. As I mentioned previously, you can do just about anything you want to change your body so that you are more happy. It is a really nice feeling to not have to worry about anything. Another example of the changes that I have made is to learn how to use makeup in a way that highlights and contours my nose, eyes, cheeks and mouth in a different way that is more pleasing. It is rather easy to pay attention to what needs to do to make satisfying changes.