A New Color for Love

My girlfriend Crystal and I have been dating each other for four years. I want to marry her someday. I love every little thing about her. She is a beautiful woman of Chinese decent. She had jet-black hair and small, beautiful eyes. She needed someone to paint her apartment. She was on a budget and wanted to find a company that would not cost her a lot of money. She was in despair. She had no one else to turn to for help. She needed a painter in Bergen County NJ. I volunteered to do it. Crystal was a little hesitant, but she trusted me.

Crystal was into very manly men. I was very talented with tools, but I was not an expert with home repair. Continue reading

It is Not Too Late to Get Serious About Your Nutrition

Funny how one can go from being a health nut to someone who gained 100 pounds. I went from a guy who was really careful about what he ate to a guy who ate candy, chips, doughnuts, ice cream, fried foods and plenty of meat every day. I consumed way more than I needed. Food became my drug of choice. It helped console my nerves during bad times. I used to drink a lot of alcohol too. Learning stuff again at places, such as www.nutritionstrategy.com, helped me get back on track and to lose all that weight I gained.

When I was younger I would eat a whole box of chocolate snack cakes while sitting in front of the television set. I got a diabetes scare and lost a bunch of weight really fast. The high blood sugars and cutting back on food did it. I was able to go for a few years before it came back. Then I went on insulin and was hungry and gaining weight. Continue reading