I Am Looking to Buy My Own Plane

I have been looking around for an airplane that I can afford. I have had my commercial pilot’s license for a few years now and I am working in bush flying in both Alaska and Canada. Of course flying is the only way to get many places up here and there is always plenty of work for good pilots. I found an old De Havilland DHC-3 Otter which would be great for opening your own business. However the ads-b is out on it and there are some other problems. You really need to have a good avionics and navigation system, without it you are pretty much flying blind. Continue reading

Stop Gaming All the Time

The latest my cafe cheats has made the game so much easier for me. I spend so much time on the game that sometimes it’s hard for me to get anything else done. My time management skills aren’t that great to begin with, and the game only made things harder. I had a quiz a few weeks ago, and the grade I got on it was one of the lowest that I had ever gotten. My teacher was shocked because I usually get the highest score in the class. With an important test coming up, she was worried that something was distracting me.

My teacher told me to meet with her after class. Continue reading