A Christmas Party for Our Company

This last Christmas, my boss decided to do something really special for everyone. He has always been very generous to us, and I know it is not just because we make him a lot of money. He pays us well, gives us great benefits, and everyone gets a significant bonus at the end of the year. This last Christmas though was different. He asked me to look into different corporate entertainment agencies and find the one that would be able to help entertain at a Christmas party he wanted to throw for all of us.

This was the first time I had ever heard him talk about a Christmas party, but I knew that it was a great idea as soon as he mentioned it. I also knew that this was not something he was going to do in a small way either. I was able to find a great events company called Chosen Events, and they had all kinds of entertainers. While they had an abundance of Christmas entertainers, I was surprised at all the other events that they provide entertainment for too, including birthday parties, weddings, children’s parties, team building events and so much more.

I knew that we would end up using them again if they did a great job at the Christmas party, mainly because of all the different events we do hold throughout the year. I really liked the Christmas carolers along with the acrobatic Christmas pixies who put on not only a mesmerizing show with the acrobatics but also a comical one with their silliness. I was able to watch a video, and I knew before it was over that we needed them at the party. It ended up being a very successful party, and I am so happy that we ended up having it. It’s going to be an annual event from now on.