A Life with More Freedom

Life is about making big decisions, and I made a pretty big one this year. I used to work at an ice cream factory. It wasn’t the most glamorous job, but it was pretty decent. I got to eat free ice cream, but over time I became tired of the job. I felt like I was just going through the motions. Every day that I would go home, I would lose all enthusiasm, because I would have to go back the next day. I needed a change in my life, and after reading Ewen Chia reviews, I made that change.

Some kid right now is probably thinking that a job at an ice cream factory is probably one of the best jobs of all time, and for that person, it may be. For me, the job just wasn’t what I would rather be doing. I do miss the free ice cream, but I have something better, and that’s freedom. All of my work now focuses on marketing, which is pretty easy to do when you have a plan to follow. The money I get from marketing is greater than my salary from the ice cream factory. Because of this, I can focus less on money and more on how to use my time.

I’m in charge of what hours I work and how hard I want to work. I’m more of a laid back worker, choosing to work from bed with a cup of coffee in one hand and a donut in the other while the television is playing in the background. Sometimes I even eat a little ice cream from the factory where I used to work. Sometimes I get calls from some of the people who still work there. They tell me how much they miss me and want me to come back.