Best Tree Services Near Asheville Area

I have neglected my property for awhile, and I need to do a lot of yard work to get things back to the way I would like. I was in a bit of a financial crisis there for awhile and that is big part of why I neglected my yard. But now I have pulled through and I want to hire someone to do some tree removal in Asheville NC because there are a number of trees in my yard that I would like to have removed, and some of them might pose a bit of danger to my house if they were allowed to keep standing.

My house is something that I really treasure and I want to protect the investment that I have in it, so it would be best for me to get rid of some of these trees if that is what it takes to protect it. I know that one tree is really a problem and needs to go as soon as possible, because it has a lot of dead wood. To make matters worse, the dead wood is located really high in the air.

So if those branches were to fall out of the tree, by the time they would make contact with the roof of my house, they would have picked up a lot of energy from falling in a gravitational potential. I am not sure exactly how fast they would be going, because the wind resistance issues of falling limbs is probably pretty complicated. But I think that it is pretty safe to say that they would be going pretty fast, and more than fast enough to cause at least substantial damage to the house. So that is something that I definitely want to avoid, if it can be avoided. I am going to schedule someone to come look at the trees soon and see what they think.