Devising a Page Ranking Method

Finding the right marketing tactic to work for your online presence is going to be the first step toward finding success. An appropriate platform to launch your brand from is always an important decision to make and if the Ewen Chia reviews are to believed, it’s necessary to create a presence on every medium possible. I think that this is a good idea in the long term but not something that you want to choose when first beginning your campaign, especially if you have no brand to spin off from or an established presence on the web.

Most new businesses don’t even have an acknowledged page ranking for Google or Bing to scrape from whenever someone searches for keywords that might be associated with your product, service or brand. When I first created my start up I decided to go with a website over an application due to the ease of access that it offered. I could create an easy to use template without investing in thousands of dollars worth of web design. From there I create a few social media profiles in order to distribute content; the goal was to establish a name for myself while developing a series of pages that I could utilize to backlink off from.

Backlinking is a method within Search Engine Optimization that provides Google, Bing and other search engines context to the keywords that users input into the engine. From there the algorithms employed by search engines seek a density of association to the keywords within the context of what the words might mean to the specific user. It’s fairly complicated but the social media platforms are the first websites that are scraped for this association which can help drive a website up in rankings by association, not necessarily by the websites Alexa page rank.