Do You Prefer a Bigger or Smaller Bottom?

Some women want body parts to be bigger while others want them smaller. Idealized size proportions have a lot to do with culture where a person lives. In America, it is common for females to desire larger bottoms. Pop culture in America, especially due to the influence of some female contemporary entertainers with larger bottoms, is driving the desire toward increases in bottom sizes. On the other hand, the opposite is preferred by women in Singapore. Bottom Slim, a company in Singapore offers services to reduce the size of thighs and bottoms.

Women in Singapore indicate a desire to have the bottom half of their bodies in proportion to the upper portions. The big desire is to have a bottom and thighs not being larger than the breast size. They even use the same terminology that Americans do when describing what they perceive as out of proportion body part sizes with slang such as thunder thighs and flab. The company Bottom Slim offers a spa-like experience and reduction treatment to take centimeters off of thigh size in a single visit. The pampered treatment is now being highly sought after by women in Singapore.

By contrast there is a subculture in America that uses everything from fashion to workout routines to enlarge thigh and bottom sizes with muscle. Both cultures face the issue of long work hours for many women in front of computer screens. The sedentary lifestyles can lead to weight gain that also leads to build up of cellulite. Regardless of size in these instances, the women want the cellulite gone. Singapore women seem to eat a healthier diet overall, but modern work environments are leading to low activity and weight gain. So whether you want bigger or smaller parts, there are services out there to help you attain you desire.