Doing Some Work for a Hobby Shop

I have a pretty simple job, but it is not really going to pay me. Instead my Dad is going to get some stuff out of it. This is a hobby shop where according to my Dad they have good quality low prices and he spends a good bit of money there. Of course he has a huge radio control hobby. He has a lot of different types of toys, but lately he has been pretty focused on model aircraft. It is a cool hobby. What he is going to get out of this is a one tenth scale Cessna RC air plane. It is roughly the size of a dog house in height, I guess that the wing span is less than four feet, but I did not check to be exact. It is a very expensive toy and he will have to put it together from a kit after he buys it. In fact I suspect that once he gets it flying he might sell it or trade it to some other hobbyist. He is bigger on putting the kits together than he is on the flying I think.

At any rate my job is pretty simple so long as you have a decent grasp of web design. I am not nearly good enough to be a professional, for some reason I lack a good sense of what should be done to make things right. I do not have a good sense of style, meaning that I think things are good enough, but other people would think they should be better. Of course better usually is harder to do. In this case the hobby shop owner has a site and he likes it’s design, but it does not quite have the entire selection on it at the moment.