How Safe Are Your Messaging Apps?

I got to thinking about privacy on the web a long time ago. Of course if you use email to communicate that is going to make you vulnerable and there are a lot of things that you would be foolish to put at risk on many platforms. For instance if you use Kik, then you are really at risk of people who use a program called Kik hacker. Of course that is not so plain and straightforward as that, because the real risk with that is having someone physically get hold of your phone to install that program. It is really not even illegal if you use it the way that they claim that you should when they sell it. Obviously there are tons of people who are keen to know what their kids are doing or what their wife or husband is up to. That is a little bit creepy in my opinion, but if you use it on a phone that you paid for, then it is not the least bit against the law.

In fact there are a lot of programs which have been developed simply because our government is really good at spying on people. Before Edward Snowden blew the lid on it, the NSA was able to spy on nearly all communications throughout the entire world. The real problem was trying to figure out what was of value to them and what was innocuous chatter. It is a big deal if you are fighting terrorists, who have moved to apps like telegram. That is pretty much impossible to hack from what I have been able to figure out, but of course the NSA is not going to tell you much about what they can and can not do. They definitely want to be able to eavesdrop on you though.