How Social Media Shapes Our Online Culture

Today’s trends usually become more broad and general when it comes to definition. One word could mean a lot of things to different people who come from different walks of life. One perfect example would be social media (buy Instagram comments here). How do you determine if a site is a social media site?Media, as we all already know, is an instrument that allows people to communicate. Social media, therefore, is not just a form of communication but an active interaction with people. For example, you are able to view a site or an article that contains information you are pretty much interested with. If this is a sample of such a site, it will allow you to have an exchange of information, comment or ideas with the writer and other people who may also be as interested as you are.

The interaction created may actually range from asking you to make a comment, rate a certain post or convince you to purchase or acquire something. This is a two-way process, they give you information you are then allowed to react depending on the access you have on the site. Social bookmarking, social news, social networking and social photo and video sharing are common examples of this media that we use daily. Being able to post your pictures on the web, like in Facebook, is one very good example of this form. This allows you to solicit reactions from people viewing your account and for you to react, too.

Social Media does differ much from just social news or just plain media due to the interaction process and that social news is also a form of social media therefore making it a part of a smaller group. Think of every social media platform like a culture and within every culture exists a myriad of tribes and micro-tribes, of communities and individuals. Understanding this will help you glean a greater market reach.