I Am Looking to Buy My Own Plane

I have been looking around for an airplane that I can afford. I have had my commercial pilot’s license for a few years now and I am working in bush flying in both Alaska and Canada. Of course flying is the only way to get many places up here and there is always plenty of work for good pilots. I found an old De Havilland DHC-3 Otter which would be great for opening your own business. However the ads-b is out on it and there are some other problems. You really need to have a good avionics and navigation system, without it you are pretty much flying blind. Up here that is way too dangerous, because you are not going to be close to a good airfield most of the time. With an Otter it is not that always going to be as big of a deal, since you can set it up for amphibious operations.

In fact I am not sure that I am going to put together the financing in time for this one to work out. The price on this plane is quite attractive to anyone who wants to do bush flying, and the stuff that needs to be done is not that big of a deal in the big picture. When you get done paying for the plane and getting it fixed up so that you can operate it safely, that still is not that big of an investment. For me it is a bit of a stretch however, especially since I would need some other stuff in order to set up the flying business. You have to be able to let the customers know that you are out there and you have to set it up so that you can keep in compliance with the FAA regulations.