I Just Got Back Home

Of course it is like two worlds when you think about it, although I did my very best to avoid the subject of our president and politics in general while I was back home in Lexington. My parents were both professors at the university, which is not the same as the rest of the state. For instance if they wanted news about the man they would go to an aggregator like trumpnewsfeed.com for example, where they provide links to straight news about the person who occupies the Oval Office. At any rate we had this big family thing up there and there was very nearly a brawl. Obviously folks were coming from all over the place and a lot of the people married other people who did not realize that in this part of the world there are people who seem to adore our president and are willing to make excuses for any of the crazy things that he does.

That is not me and when I was pressed on the matter I asked them if any of them had not known that Trump was a scumbag when they voted for the man. I did not get much of an answer to this question and I swallowed my tongue before I asked them the second part of this question, which is namely what would you call a person who voted for a scumbag. I am sure that might not have gone over well, but at the same time I am really confident that everyone there knew exactly who the man is and what he was. It is really ironic considering how often the Baptists in this part of the world like to talk about the concept of hell. It is truly laughable when this man claims to follow the teaching of Jesus.