It is Not Too Late to Get Serious About Your Nutrition

Funny how one can go from being a health nut to someone who gained 100 pounds. I went from a guy who was really careful about what he ate to a guy who ate candy, chips, doughnuts, ice cream, fried foods and plenty of meat every day. I consumed way more than I needed. Food became my drug of choice. It helped console my nerves during bad times. I used to drink a lot of alcohol too. Learning stuff again at places, such as, helped me get back on track and to lose all that weight I gained.

When I was younger I would eat a whole box of chocolate snack cakes while sitting in front of the television set. I got a diabetes scare and lost a bunch of weight really fast. The high blood sugars and cutting back on food did it. I was able to go for a few years before it came back. Then I went on insulin and was hungry and gaining weight. I needed the insulin to live, but I could not fight the urges to eat. The depression over having diabetes drove me to want comfort. I had given up alcohol, and I found comfort in doughnuts and chips. I could eat a half dozen big donuts at one time no problem. Then I would just give myself insulin. Wrong choices then had me end up with nerve damage.

I finally got it through my head to do something about my nutritional health because what I was eating was killing me. It was not too late. It is never too late as long as you are alive. You can make changes to your health by learning and applying sound principals of nutrition. Just do not put it off any longer. Get started today.