“Since ancient times. Tankah was a Sanctuary where men offered gifts to renew their spirit and give Light and Freedom to their souls.”
Traditional massage that stimulates blood circulation relieves stress and muscle tension. The pressure range from very light to very firm.
25’       $40.00 USD
50’       $60.00 USD
80’       $80.00USD
Deep tissue massage designed  to release and prevent muscle pain and relax tense articulations caused by intense or long routine exercise.
25’      $45.00 USD
50’       $70.00 USD
80’       $90.00 USD
Smooth and slow massage that helps to relax and detoxify, ideal for peoples who suffers from liquid retention or circulatory problems.
50’       $70.00 USD
Chinese technique applied on hands and feet, with rotations and pressures on different points where all body organs are reflected, helping to improve their functions.
30’       $45.00 USD
Master massage, as it combines three techniques, and it is ideal for peoples who demand total relaxation, only is en experience for the mind, body and spirit.
80’       $90.00 USD
By using a blend of therapeutic and aromatic essences extracted from flowers, herbal, woods and spices is applied on specific areas for detoxification, muscle and nervous system relief, improving blood circulation, restoring the harmony and balance.
50’       $70.00 USD
Seaweed restore cellular vitality. Allow the nutrients of the sea balance mildly troubled skin. While facilitating detoxification, this product also provides essential nutrients for optimum skin health.
50’       $60.00 USD
Body treatment based on a blend of sea and mineral salts that are massaged smoothly to remove dull surface skin cells, improving blood circulation and leaving the skin smooth and fresh. It is ideal before any body treatment or sun bath, as it helps skin to retain your sun tan.
25′       $45.00 USD