Music Drives My Passion for Cooking

I am a multitasker. I know it is not something to brag about. I mean, in one way it is okay. However, in other ways it can be a problem. If you are a chef, you learn how to multitask in specific ways. You can manage many operations going on at the same time, but you devote your attention to the task at hand. You just switch from one task to the next quickly and keep track. When I am working at the computer, I am watching Tubidy mp3 videos at the same time ona second monitor. I am really multitasking doing that. It is good that I can type without looking at the keyboard or even the screen for that matter. But even I find it interesting how I can actually do these two things at the same time. I guess it is all the kitchen experience of managing so many detail-oriented tasks at once.

Music helps me focus. If I am not listening to music over speakers, I am watching videos or listening to mp3s on my phone using earbuds. I never thought about it, but I have music pumping into my ears most of my waking hours. I even fall asleep watching music videos. Next to cooking, it is my next greatest passion. I cannot write or play music, but I certainly enjoy listening to it a lot. I still buy CDs, and I go through several new ones per week. I get ones from little known artists and bands. I buy so much digital music that I had to get a bigger SD card for my phone.

I even have music videos downloaded to my phone for off-line viewing when my phone has to be in airplane mode during flights. I think music helps me create the recipes I come up with. For my special sweet and hot chili, I was listening to some southern rock. For my take on jerk chicken, it was some reggae I was listening to.