She is Getting the Care That She Needs

My mom’s doctor diagnosed her with dementia not that long ago. Thankfully, it is still in the beginning stages, but it was still a diagnosis that caused all of us some concern. We thought Mom was just getting forgetful now and again, and the doctor’s words confirmed that it was something more than that. She was still doing really well living on her own though, especially since my three brothers and I live within walking distance. The doctor recommended that we look into dementia care in Nassau County since she did not want to give up her independence.

I can’t say I blame her, because for the most part, she was still Mom. We set up a schedule so one of us or another family member was with her a good bit of the time, and this has been working out really well. The reason we wanted to have home care service is because we wanted our mom to have some dignity. She did have trouble with personal care, and we knew that it would be best to have a professional come in and help her with those things. She actually insisted on it, and it has been a really good decision all the way around.

This service has been really good for her not only with bathing and grooming issues, but they also keep her company when one of us cannot be there. My mom is a very social person, so having someone there to talk with, especially someone trained and who understands what dementia patients are going through, has been a huge help for her. The care worker never gives out medical advice, but she does hand out plenty of conversation, compassion, and understanding. We are completely satisfied, and we are glad that this option is allowing her to stay home for as long as she can!