Stop Gaming All the Time

The latest my cafe cheats has made the game so much easier for me. I spend so much time on the game that sometimes it’s hard for me to get anything else done. My time management skills aren’t that great to begin with, and the game only made things harder. I had a quiz a few weeks ago, and the grade I got on it was one of the lowest that I had ever gotten. My teacher was shocked because I usually get the highest score in the class. With an important test coming up, she was worried that something was distracting me.

My teacher told me to meet with her after class. She asked me what went wrong on the quiz, and I told her that I didn’t get much studying done. Without even asking, she was able to figure out that a game was behind my low quiz score, and knew exactly which one was the cause. Other students had been playing the same game and their quiz scores weren’t any better. She had already been meeting with them and told them how important the upcoming test grade was to our overall grade.

I had to force myself to stop playing the game. I uninstalled it from my phone and went to the library to study all day. I was tempted to download the game again. Luckily the lowest floor of the library weakens wireless signals, so if I did try to download the game, it would have taken forever. On the day of the test, I felt like I knew everything. I finished the test faster than everyone else in the classroom, and was starting to think that I had made some mistakes, so I double checked my answers. I made a perfect score on the test and even got a bonus question right.