The Death of a Tree

Since I bought my home over 40 years ago, I’ve had an apple tree that produced fruit every year. I would pick as much fruit from the tree while I could, because occasionally the birds and squirrels would start eating away at the apples. They wouldn’t just eat one apple, but eat at many of them. Often they wouldn’t even finish the apples, they would only just take one bite and toss the rest. This tree eventually died this year and tree removal in Brooklyn NY was necessary to get rid of it. I miss that tree, but nothing lasts forever.

The tree crew had to cut the rotten bits of the tree up and chip it down. There were some bugs that had made a home inside of the dead bits. I had never seen so many larvae living in one place. It was almost like some kind of apartment complex, with the way the larvae were sitting in little cells that they hollowed out. I’m not sure if the insects were the cause of the death of the tree, or if they moved into it after it died, but they used the dead tree to their advantage.

The crew also got rid of the root of the tree. Leaving the root behind wouldn’t have done anything for the tree, because it was already dead and couldn’t grow back. The insects would have only started burrowing into the root and using that as a new home. In order to get the root out of the ground, they had to do a little digging. The tree wasn’t too deep and the roots weren’t too large, so they didn’t have to ruin my entire yard to get it out. Once the tree was gone, they put the dirt back and I put in some grass seeds.