The New Look of the Apartments

For the 5th month in a row, the Sunnyside Apartments has been at the top of the apartment search results. That’s because I used apartment marketing to spread the word about the apartment. Before that, the apartment was seeing its lowest period of leases and rentals. People were moving out of the apartment and into other buildings that were more popular with people in their 20s. To them, our apartments just didn’t look cool anymore. It was seen as a place where mostly old people lived. In order to change that perception, I had to give the apartments a new look.

One major change that led to more people moving into our apartments was the addition of a sports area. A 12 foot swimming pool, a tennis court, and a basketball court were added using some unused land. People like to use the pool for pool parties, or just to soak in the water and get some exercise. In the winter, it doesn’t get a lot of use, because of the cold temperatures, but that’s when the courts start getting more visitors. There will be a tennis and basketball tournament later in the year for anyone who wants to enter.

The addition of the sports area became the major selling point for the apartments. The marketing campaign we used make note that these areas were new and waiting for the residents to use them. We even had our own pool party for anyone to come. People who attended the party could come and check out the rest of the compley and get an idea of whether they would want to live there or not. After that party, many people searched online for the apartments and the new leases started coming. It was one of the most amazing things I had seen.