The Perfect Place for Me

When I went to Vegas with my friends a few years ago, I fell in love with the area. It had nothing to do with the casinos either, though that was a nice bonus! I just really liked everything about the area, from the weather to the sites, and I knew that I would move there in a heartbeat if an opportunity ever came up. When I heard about a job in the same industry there, I applied and was hired for it. Someone there suggested I live in Alicante Villa since it is so close to where I would be working, so I went online to get some information about it.

There are so many good things about it that it is hard to decide what my favorite part about Alicante is. First, I would be able to have my cat with me there. I knew that if they did not allow pets, then it would be a deal breaker. Thankfully though, cats are welcome there, and I am so glad because I fell in love with the apartment complex as soon as I saw it online. It has so much going for it too, including a prime location.

It will only take me about 10 minutes to get to work, which is a far cry from the hour long commute of my last job. It is not that far from the strip either, and I knew I would end up there a lot watching shows and having fun. The apartment is really nice too. I have my own washer and dryer, plus a breakfast bar, nine foot ceilings, and so much more. There is a pool and fitness center on the grounds as well as a business center too. It really is the perfect place to live for me!