The Power of Perfect Teeth

I don’t blame dentists for my problems. I try not to, anyways, but they’re just so good at what they do that the ease to have the best of the best white smiles means that the pressure to have one from your peers is a very real thing. I’ve never had a perfect smile – I should have had braces when I was a kid but my mom felt that it would be more attractive for me to go all natural. Sure, mom, I love you too but is that why I’m here right now looking at to schedule an appointment?

I don’t blame my mom, either. My smile is hardly the most terrible thing but there is just enough crookedness that has been left behind that I find myself annoyed. I dislike the idea of being like everyone else but in our culture there is an expectation to have a great, perfect smile. It’s stressful, you know. To be perfect. To have every facet of you analyzed so critcally and so very often. It’s the norm for most Americans my age whether we admit to it or not. We’re critical of everyone around us and most of all, ourselves.

At least this is one thing that I will be able to do to keep up appearances. There is no real desire within me to go through with this but I’ve heard they’re the best in the city and I enjoy supporting local business! That’s what I’m going to keep telling myself anyways. It might be for the best in the long run considering the teeth could grow more and more crooked as I age which will naturally change the shape of my jaw. Hey, there has to be a silver lining somewhere and if having perfect teeth is horrible, I might as well just get dentures.