We Had to Find out What Was Happening in Our Son’s Life

We found it necessary to spy on Snapchat when our son would not allow us to know what was going on in his life. We’re glad that we did it. We are even more glad that we had the ability to do it. We have always been more than fair as parents, and we have explained many times to our children that we need to have an open dialogue at all times. They were told that if they become secretive, that is a good sign that they are up to something that could potentially hurt them in the short term or long term. Both of our kids said they understood, but that didn’t stop one of them from trying to shut us out.

Both my wife and I noticed that our son, Jared, was becoming very withdrawn at home. We wondered if that was happening only in our house or if it was happening at his school or job. We made an appointment with his favorite teacher to talk it over with her. That was when she told us that he was failing in her class, and she had been told by fellow teachers that we was near failing in most of his other classes. She said that he was no longer participating in class in the same way that he once did and he seemed very withdrawn to her, too. We knew that we had to do something fast.

Our son spends a lot of his time chatting to his girlfriend with chat programs on his phone. So, we downloaded an app that would let us spy on his chats with her. We feared that she and he may be in some sort of trouble. Thanks to the app, we learned that his girlfriend is pregnant. They were both very scared and not sure what to do. We were able to step in and give them some guidance and get them going on the correct path once again.