Working on My New Blog

I have been looking around for inspirations to help me with my blog. I want to create something which is going to attract attention, because obviously you need to be able to interest people if you want to make a web page which is going to be viable financially. I was thinking about using a collection of interesting facts on different subjects to help attract people to view the site. Of course that is a gimmick, but I am thinking that I am going to require a gimmick at least in the interim before I establish the site. This is the idea behind it. There are hundreds and hundreds of millions of people out in the world browsing the internet. All of them are interested in something, but hardly any of them are going to be interested in every little thing that you might discuss on your site. You would be using this to draw a wide range people on to the site. The big thing is to be able to get them to come back regularly instead of just looking around and thinking that you have a lame site. Obviously a gimmick is only going to take you so far, no matter how good it is. So I need to create compelling content that is going to appears to a broad range of people. I figure that the best thing is to work on topics that are of the greatest interest. There are quite a few where you could get a lot of interest. Some are simply not up my alley, for example you could take about politics or foreign policy topics. I know a little about that sort of thing, but not enough to create a viable discussion. However the sort of back and forth that would incite is what I am looking for.